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We enhanced DHL’s communications to persuade small businesses to make them their partner of choice. It’s always nice when you feel someone understands your business needs.

“ICLP has been instrumental in delivering the continual and engaging communications campaigns to our members which drive positive ROI. Without these campaigns, the programme would not see the results that it does today. Due to its success in the Middle East, I am sure other regions would experience a similar success if they are to implement the Altitude campaign with ICLP.”

Elliot Santon, Marketing Manager for DHL Express U.A.E.


DHL is the global market leader in the logistics industry. It was the first logistics provider to establish in the Middle East in 1976. With a global network composed of more than 220 countries and territories, DHL offers services such as international express, air and ocean freight, mail service and rail transportation.



DHL wanted to develop a strategy to help increase their share of wallet, incremental revenue and also provide SME's with an incentive to select DHL as their primary shipping partner.



  • The loyalty strategy and resulting points programme Altitude, created a competitive advantage and encouraged both the decision maker and those responsible for booking shipments to choose DHL.
  • The programme enabled the collection of additional customer data which, in combination with the transactional data already held, proved invaluable in developing a greater understanding of member behaviour and trends, while also enabling more sophisticated customer profiling and more relevant and targeted communications.
  • Partners were specifically selected to provide rewards that were relevant and attractive to both the SME and the individual. This encouraged constant engagement beyond their standard purchase behaviour.
  • Stakeholder commitment and sales training were keys to its success - Altitude was integrated into existing company training procedures and its success has been embraced throughout DHL.


  • Altitude was originally designed and delivered in 2003 - a one-tier, points-based reward programme to reward customers for positive changes in their behaviour to generate incremental revenue from business customers.
  • ICLP created all associated loyalty programme materials including branding, the membership pack, online portal to view account statements, promotions, and information such as how to earn and redeem points, terms and conditions and details on participating partners.
  • Developed a member service centre to support and manage all DHL Altitude member enquiries and process member redemptions.
  • A data and marketing strategy was designed and continues to be executed to increase revenue and encourage profitable behaviour.
  • Relaunched Altitude in 2007 with a fresh look following a strategic review which simplified the proposition and points-earnings ratio and has further increased membership and revenue.


  • Targeted email campaigns to members, regularly deliver a positive ROI measured on incremental revenue.
  • Campaigns targeting dormant members for a product or service generate a significant increase in activity during and after the promotional period.
  • Altitude encourages active engagement and delivers genuine value for its members and DHL with proven behavioural changes seen in improved member spend and product usage.

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