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We promoted local experiences to frequent guests to increase bookings. And gave people some great stories to tell to their friends.

“Discovery is an innovative programme created to recognise and reward guests who embrace our dynamic collection of hotel brands across the globe. We require communications that reflect our unique position, cater to member preferences, and deliver an engaging experience. ICLP has been a great support in launching and running a communication platform across both email and print mediums, proving to be a dedicated partner to our company. ”

Kristi Gole, Loyalty Marketing Manager, Global Hotel Alliance


The Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) is today the world's largest alliance of independent luxury hotel brands. GHA currently includes 14 distinct brands, encompassing nearly 300 hotels, resorts and palaces across 52 countries - each uniquely representing the culture, heritage and history of their location while delivering consistently high standards of service.



GHA needed to develop a global loyalty programme that would deliver unique value to their hotel guests, irrespective of the hotel brand and location. The programme needed to reflect the uniqueness and diversity of the hotel brands, while remaining meaningful to an international audience by building loyalty, driving advocacy and differentiating GHA's brands within the highly competitive travel market.

Most notably, the programme needed to be compelling enough to convince international travellers of the benefits of stepping out of their comfort zone and choosing a GHA brand hotel over an established international hotel "chain".



  • GHA was challenged with developing a programme structure that went beyond traditional tier-based recognition benefits and conventional rewards. The introduction of 'Local Experiences' provided members with a range of unforgettable experiences inspired by individual destinations, all designed to recognise and reward members for desired programme behaviour.
  • The loyalty programme had to extend across all of GHA's properties, encompassing 14 individual brands with their own business needs, internal systems, operational processes and support teams.
  • As some of GHA's member brands are less well-known than others, particularly between different regions, the programme also needed to raise awareness and promote cross-selling between brands without cannibalisation.
  • Liaison with hotel staff to create buy-in, commitment to implementation and quality of delivery was critical to the programme's success; ensuring the programme reflected the same level of individual service and exclusivity that a guest would expect to receive in a GHA brand hotel.
  • Today, the Discovery programme features close to 1,000 Local Experiences which members can browse online and then redeem at a GHA hotel brand and location. These 'Local Experiences' have to be truly unique and authentic, off the beaten track and not usually available as part of normal tourist activities.


  • ICLP created a communication and supporting data management strategy that enabled GHA to develop a sophisticated programme and member lifecycle communications plan to drive customer engagement within the programme.
  • Using complex data analytics techniques and trigger communications, ICLP implemented a customised messaging framework that dynamically segments communication content according to hotel brand, member tier, language, membership lifecycle stage and historical programme activity.
  • The above technique enabled the delivery of highly individualised member communications; ensured that members receive timely and relevant information regarding programme benefits, local experience awards and promotional offers that reflect their personal profile and behaviour.
  • ICLP also provided the creative design and execution of Discovery membership/programme collateral, messaging content configuration, email broadcasting, print production and global member pack fulfillment from three regionalised ICLP fulfillment hubs.


  • Discovery is able to personalise communications to members based on programme and stay activity, as well as language preference.
  • Over 1.6 million members joined within 9 months of programme launch.
  • Discovery is currently growing by nearly 2,200 members every day.

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