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We designed and launched a loyalty programme that rewarded Manchester United fans. And gave them even more ways to feed their passion.

“ICLP has enabled us to understand the motivations for buying behaviour within our member base. RedRewardsTM now allows us to reward supporters who carry and use the Manchester United credit card with prizes they just can’t get anywhere else. It is a great way of saying ‘thank you’ for their support”.

Steven Falk, Director of Manchester United Financial Services.


Manchester United Football Club is one of the most widely supported football teams in the world. Their Financial Services division is a commercial arm of Manchester United Plc. It operates a number of Manchester United branded financial services products in the UK, including the Manchester United credit card.



Manchester United wanted to develop a global loyalty programme that would turn customers from fans into programme members, and reward them for usage and activation of the Manchester United credit card. In addition, this new loyalty programme would need to enhance the fans' brand relationship with Manchester United using low cost, high perceived value incentives to drive traceable incremental revenue.



  • In contrast to most loyalty programme consulting and development briefs, the requirement was to convert customer loyalty into transactions to increase commercial return.
  • The need to develop value from within the business and utilise the existing business assets was critical to success.
  • Creating exclusive 'money can't buy' offers and events provided better customer engagement and more positive behaviour than purely rewarding with points or cash.
  • Data analysis demonstrated that the Pareto principle applied where a small number of card members accounted for over 75% of Manchester United card revenue.


  • ICLP developed and launched a flexible global loyalty programme, RedRewardsTM to meet key commercial and customer based objectives.
  • Designed the core programme concepts which included modeling the financial implications and potential impact on the credit card product, the creative expression and brand guidelines.
  • Delivered a succinct business strategy, programme design, technical infrastructure development, full account management, communications, data management and reporting services.


  • RedRewardsTM has been rolled out to over 500,000 Manchester United credit card holders in a total of 14 countries including USA, South Africa, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and Indonesia.
  • The programme enhanced the brand and created opportunities for positive PR.
  • Increased commercial performance of the credit card which achieved ROI break-even within 6 months.
  • Generated more business from known customers through rewards, added value and relevant communication.
  • Unique qualifying cardholders increased by 43% in the first 9 months.

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