Airline Loyalty Programmes and Services

We make sure your frequent flyers remain loyal advocates of your airline, profitably

We design, operate, and optimise airline loyalty programmes to engage your flyers and drive economic success in doing so.

Best-in-class frequent flyer programmes

What does it take to persuade a customer to want to fly with you? Generous benefits? Relevant partners? A variety of ways to earn and redeem miles?

Whilst a great flying experience and route network at an attractive price are undoubtedly the fundamental drivers of airline loyalty, many flyers, particularly frequent flyers, expect more. Today, customers almost always have a choice of which airline to fly with on any route, and many will choose the airline who best understands them and has a proposition that meets their needs.

This is where ICLP can add value. We have nearly 30 years of experience designing, operating, and optimising airline loyalty programmes and we have all the right tools to help you best meet your customers’ needs and increase your revenue.


Understand who's flying with you

Without knowing who’s filling your airline seats, driving airline customer loyalty can be a tricky business. It’s important to regularly review and assess the profitability of your customer segments, and to determine whether they’re being rewarded effectively.

If the customers who provide you with the most revenue aren’t being rewarded effectively, there is a risk of alienating them and making them disloyal. It’s crucial to have a winning engagement strategy for all your customers, providing a real opportunity to make your customers feel valued whether old or brand new, turn them into loyal advocates for your brand, and in doing so grow your business.

By applying our experience and expertise to optimise both the customer and business propositions, we’ll help you keep your customers engaged and wanting to fly with you, as well as developing the right partnerships for your business, all fundamentally driving your bottom line.


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