Airport Loyalty Programmes and Services

Using customer engagement to drive aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenue

Optimise your customer experience and meet travellers’ needs to get them travelling and spending more.

Airport Loyalty is unique

Airport users are a captive market, so loyalty doesn’t manifest itself in the same ways as other travel programmes. Airports are a necessary element of any flight and with the increase of in-airport retail, entertainment, food & beverage, and lounges, this has started to bring about new opportunities to engage customers.

As airport loyalty experts, we have nearly 30 years of experience designing, operating, and optimising loyalty programmes and we have all the right tools to help you best meet your customers’ needs and increase your revenue. 




Meeting customer needs to increase revenue

Whether departing, arriving or just transferring through, customers will always expect their needs to be met in the airport experience. Less satisfied customers will spend less during their time at the airport, and we know that elements outside of the retail environment such as security queues and parking can have a significant effect on their experience, and how much they’ll spend.

In certain circumstances, an exceptional airport experience could also encourage additional flights, especially if choosing an airport to transfer via for long haul travel.

By applying our expertise working with a number of the world’s largest airports, airlines, duty free, and lounge operators, we can help optimise both your customer and business propositions, keeping your customers engaged throughout the in-airport experience.


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