Turn your channel partners into advocates

Retaining your channel partners can be a tricky business.  After all, with as many as 12 different vendors to represent, it makes sense that they only want to work for those brands that, in turn, work for them.  Which is why partners regularly review their solution portfolios to make sure they do exactly that. 

So it’s crucial to have a winning channel engagement strategy.  One that provides real opportunities for growth – not just for you, but for your channel partners too.

At ICLP, we have all the right tools to help you attract the best partners to sell your products and services.  But, more importantly, we can also help you to retain those partners and over time, turn them into loyal advocates for your brand.


Take your partners on a journey

What does it take to persuade a channel partner to build their business around your products and solutions? A great product portfolio? A brand they can trust?

Whilst strong products and successful brands are undoubtedly the foundation stones of customer and partner loyalty, many channel partners want more. They are looking for a vendor who understands them. Who provides them with the tools, content and support they need to sell more and look after their customers.

Which is where we can be of value. By applying our experience and expertise to three specific areas of channel loyalty, we’ll help you to improve the user experience for your partners – keeping them engaged, wanting to do business with you and, in the process, building stronger and more valuable partnerships. All of which will drive greater loyalty.

We do this by generating valuable insights into your partners that will enable you to personalise the way you communicate with them and help you to influence their behaviour.

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Accelerate Partner Performance

Analytics: Our tools help you gain an in depth understanding of your partners on both a business and an individual level.

Communications: Make sure you deliver the right message to the right partner at the right time.

Motivate & Reward: Our expertise in designing world programmes that engage and drive behaviours is second to none. Request a demo to see for yourself our rewards solution in action.



Motivate & Reward


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