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Understanding your partners – their level of commitment, engagement and performance - provides great insights that can inform how you create targeted campaigns and propositions that will resonate with your partners and encourage the right kinds of behaviours. These insights help you align your channel resources and financial incentives to support partners who will drive your business forward.


Partner Loyalty Cube

Whatever your role in managing your channel partners, being able to analyse and understand your data is a fundamental requirement.  Only then can you really appreciate what makes your partners tick.  Are they under performing?  Driven purely by incentives and rewards?  Or do they demonstrate a strong connection with and commitment to your brand?

We offer a range of data solutions from data planning and marketing analytics to data management and business intelligence. Our Partner Loyal Cube, specifically developed for the channel unlocks critical insights that will enable you to gain a competitive edge



This unique and invaluable analysis tool produces a loyalty score for each of your partners. It does so by scrutinizing their data across three distinct dimensions:

  1. Engagement – Which partners are engaging with you? Who is reading your communications? Who is logging into your portal, using tools and attending events
  2. Performance – How often, and what, your partners are selling. Who are the ‘box movers’ and who is selling strategically.
  3. Commitment – What training or certification are being undertaken. Which conferences are attended. Are they implementing joint marketing campaigns or completing business plans?

The results are then used to generate a score that falls into one of 27 segments.  These segments provide unique insights into your channel partners that can be used by Sales and Marketing to inform your engagement strategy, loyalty initiatives, investments and campaigns, maximising the return on your marketing spend and improving partner performance.


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