Loyalty has its rewards

As loyalty experts we know a thing or two about designing and building programs that engage and drive behaviours. From Frequent Flyer Programmes to consumer retail programmes to one of the biggest points-based loyalty programmes in the channel, we can help you design a programme that will give you a real competitive edge. With proven methodologies, on-demand platforms and teams in every continent can get you up and running in less time than you think


Channel Loyalty Solution

We can help you to develop a flexible, points-based programme that strategically uses rewards to increase partner performance and encourage loyalty to your brand.  We provide:

  • A points engine that configures and launches promotions – from the simple to the complex
  • Flexible platforms that reward all types of performance, not just sales
  • Game mechanics providing fun, consumer-like experiences
  • Dynamic content which allows you to target all, or just some, of your partners
  • Global rewards that provide something for everyone – you can even include your own products
  • An intuitive performance dashboard that gives insights into the success of your program

 If you want to experience first-hand our loyalty platform, schedule a demo to show you the many features and consumer-like experience so you can start to plan how you can drive performance in your channel programme.  



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