Hotel Loyalty Programmes and Services

Hotel loyalty is far more than just free nights

We deliver frequent guest programmes that engage customers, support your hotel owners, and drive profit for your business.

Knowing your guests

Your guests stay with you for many different reasons, so providing the same approach to rewards for all your customer segments is unlikely to drive profitable results. A loyalty programme, especially when combined with CRM data, is arguably the best way to truly understand your members – how long they stay for, which rooms they prefer, how much they spend, do they use the restaurant – and use the insights to find new ways to boost revenue.

While your customers are the lifeblood of your revenue stream, there are more factors than just guests in hotel loyalty. We take into account the value that your hotel operators are getting from your programme, as they are often just as important, and we also have experience designing programmes for bookers and travel managers too.

With nearly 30 years of experience designing, operating, and optimising hotel loyalty programmes, we have all the right tools to help you best meet your customers’ needs and increase your revenue.


Putting your hotel at the front of the 'Loyalty Wallet'

With ever-increasing loyalty options from airlines, banks, airports, as well as your hotel competitors, it is necessary to strive for primacy and share-of-wallet over partner and competitor programs. Knowing who’s filling your rooms is key to perfecting the customer experience for all your guests, and it’s important to regularly review and assess the profitability of your customer segments and if you’re meeting their needs.

By applying our experience and expertise to optimise both the customer and business propositions, we’ll help you keep your guests engaged and wanting to stay with you, as well as developing the right partnerships for your business, all fundamentally driving your bottom line.


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