Creating Game Changing Customer Experiences During Transformational Change

16 October 2016

Transformational change, whilst sometimes essential, is not always easy, especially when a vendor has to consider the impact changes have, real or perceived, on its channel partners.

In this paper ICLP interviewed Andy Hunter, a business change leader for British Airways to understand how he was able to create a visionary customer programme at a time when the airline was making company-wide cutbacks (people and budgets). The resulting programme has since grown to become British Airways’ flagship customer relationship programme.

The experience shared by Andy and the lessons learned throughout his 2 year journey are valuable and pertinent to any channel leader faced with similar challenges. In the interview Andy talks about:

  • The pitfalls of not addressing transformation
  • Building the business case
  • Investing in data and the right tools
  • Delivery of partner experiences at scale
  • How the lessons from British Airways are relevant for vendors looking to create game changing customer experiences.




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