Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange

27 January 2016

ICLP are attending the Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange conference in London from 27-28th January.

This networking event is aimed at senior executives from leading brands, providing a true peer level networking environment for both delegates and speakers to network through one-to-one meetings. The event provides a cross industry view on the key issues facing companies today; the future of loyalty, the digital revolution, customer data, and segmentation traps and solutions.

Join Dawn Hemingway, Head of Data Analytics & Operations Services, ICLP, on day one at 3.30 for her roundtable discussing: Data Analytics Suite, Human Data Processing Platform, Brand Loyalty, Social Listening Tools, Internet of Things, and Sentiment Analytics.

Find out more about the event here.

To speak with the UK team directly or to arrange to meet with us, please contact Katherine Fleischer, Marketing Manager, on or +44 20 3725 0384.


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