European Luxury Retail Summit 2016

22 February 2016

ICLP will be attending the European Luxury Retail Summit this year being held in Surrey on 22-23rd February.

The event brings together leaders in marketing, digital and ecommerce from brands at the forefront of Europe’s luxury retail industry to discuss, among other topics, personalisation, mobile optimisation, internationalisation strategy, data analytics, and omnichannel retailing. The unique format of the conference is made up of think tanks, master classes, and round tables with a focus on interaction and shopping in a digital age.

As well as participating in a think tank Jason De Winne, UK General Manager, ICLP, and Finula Crowe, Global Marketing Director, ICLP, will be hosting the masterclass and the round table:

Master class: ‘Harnessing the loyalty of the affluent customer – without devaluing your brand’
Round table: ‘Talking to your tribes: Segmenting your audience to build loyalty’

Find out more about the event here.

To speak with the UK team directly or to arrange to meet with us, please contact Katherine Fleischer, Marketing Manager, on or +44 20 3725 0384.


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