Guoman & Thistle launch new loyalty programme

20 August 2012

Guoman and Thistle hotels have launched their first loyalty programme Signature on the advice of leaders in loyalty, ICLP.  

Tasked with the objectives of building stronger customer relationships and growing revenue for the hotel chain brands, ICLP has been instrumental in designing a clearly differentiated loyalty strategy. The result is a programme where added value and the customer experience are at the heart rather than financial rewards.

The programme is closely aligned to Guoman and Thistle Hotel's customer centric service approach and the personalised experience they offer to their guests. Its launch is timed to complement an extensive refurbishment programme including their flagship hotels The Grosvenor, a five star Guoman hotel at London's Victoria station and a £130m refurbishment programme across the Thistle estate over the past three years.

The new Signature loyalty programme is now live across the five branded Guoman Hotels and 32 Thistle Hotels in the UK and is free to join. It offers guests three different membership levels each with their own benefits, depending on the frequency and length of their stay. Upon joining members will receive their welcome packs including membership cards for the two premium tiers, Signature Gold, Ruby and online fulfilment for Blue.

ICLP worked closely with the brand's marketing and communication teams to set the strategic direction for the programme based on customer insight and commercial modelling, whilst providing ongoing operational support across multiple channels for members.

Gillian Harris, Director of Brand at Guoman and Thistle Hotels comments: "When we began considering a loyalty programme, our main aim was to improve our understanding of our existing customers and ensure we rewarded them through an improved guest experience wherever possible. ICLP's loyalty expertise and specifically within the hotel sector and beyond has helped us design and deliver a highly bespoke programme that is right for our brands, our business and, most importantly, for our valued customers."

Stuart Evans, Director Global Loyalty Practice, comments: "Loyalty programmes must be considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on understanding your customer needs and, in turn, your brand's ability to create unique value for them. The Guoman and Thistle hotel brands have long recognised the importance of adopting a personalised, customer centric approach, and putting customer experience at the fore. We believe Signature will successfully enhance engagement with their guests, strengthen the brand loyalty and maximise their return on their significant investments - both in the substantial refurbishments of many of the hotels that have just been completed and the new brand aligned frequent guest loyalty programme."

 To learn more about the Guoman & Thistle Signature programmes please visit:


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