ICLP turns 25

14 May 2012

ICLP celebrates 25 years as experts in driving customer devotion – turning customers into advocates and relationships into profit.

Dedicated to loyalty since 1987, ICLP has been responsible for creating and managing B2C and B2B loyalty initiatives for brands in virtually every sector including travel, technology, automotive, financial services and retail. As an independent global loyalty agency, it has continued to innovate in addressing the changing nature of customer relationships and loyalty over the past 25 years.

ICLP was founded in 1987 in London, UK by Colin Evans, Chairman of the Collinson Group. His vision recognised the increasing need of brands to create and motivate greater loyalty amongst their customers. Since the launch of the first frequent flyer programme over 30 years ago, he has pioneered the application of loyalty marketing and innovation to develop more committed customer relationships and improve commercial performance.

In 2011, Colin was recognised as an innovative leader in the loyalty business and for the results his companies, including ICLP, has achieved with its clients. He was awarded the 'Loyalty Lifetime Achievement Award' at the prestigious travel industry Mega Awards.

Loyalty today

ICLP has seen the landscape of loyalty change dramatically but data and insight has remained the fundamental constant to loyalty marketing success in today's digital and social world.

ICLP's managing director Mignon Buckingham says: "Brands need to rise to the challenge of ever-increasing customer expectations. Loyalty today stems from the intelligent use of data and insight. It's about really knowing your customers; understanding the ways in which they want to interact with your brand, being able to engage and positively motivate them at every touch point - whether that's through digital or more traditional means. The result is a rational and emotional customer connection where the brand stays relevant and valued by the customer throughout the relationship."

Winning expertise and commitment

ICLP has helped brands across the world develop and deliver their loyalty strategies. In demonstrating its leadership and expertise, it has built many long standing relationships and has some current client relationships which have been maintained for almost 20 years.

"With 25 years' loyalty experience with brands across many industry sectors, we understand all aspects of customer relationships; whether B2B or B2C, transient, devoted, simple or multi-dimensional. We assist our clients in creating and delivering relevant and distinctive loyalty propositions that are right for their customers. We combine global expertise with local insight and actively invest in new markets and offices to provide a local presence and pursue growth opportunities," says Buckingham.

The future

With the constantly changing nature of customer relationships and behaviour, the continuing technology revolution and the growing importance of new and international markets, the battle for customer loyalty is set to become even more challenging.

Buckingham continues, "Whilst we are proud to reflect upon our achievements to date, the future for loyalty is truly exciting. Our entrepreneurial culture, independence and vision mean that as leaders in loyalty, we are very well-positioned to help brands around the world develop even more engaging, loyal and profitable relationships with their valuable customers, today and tomorrow."


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