Profit from informed decisions at Loyalty World

12 September 2013 Stephen Hay Regional Director, APAC

With brands increasingly under pressure to manage costs and demonstrate ROI from customer loyalty, there is a growing need to understand current investments in loyalty and analyse performance.

As a sponsor and speaker at the Loyalty World Europe conference, ICLP is helping to evaluate the true costs of loyalty initiatives and show how to quantify the commercial returns

In examining this, our latest trend report shows how to improve profitability, drive growth and demonstrate long term commercial value.


  • How to examine the direct costs of your loyalty investments
  • How to evaluate the commercial impact of your indirect costs
  • Where to identify the future opportunities for driving revenue growth
  • How to refine your commercial model to drive greater ROI

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The role of customer loyalty

In preparation for Loyalty World Europe, Stuart Evans, Director, Global Loyalty Practice, ICLP is interviewed by Terrapinn and gives insight into maintaining customer engagement and loyalty, big data’s role plus the marketing characteristics of successful brands. The video interview provides insight into:

  • How retailers can maintain customer engagement and loyalty in the age of austerity
  • What customers care most about
  • Which channel of engagement businesses should focus on
  • Big data’s role in the loyalty equation
  • The key marketing characteristics of successful brands in the next 12 months

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