Stop giving out your personal details when you shop, silly

05 August 2017

In the age of over-sharing, a reminder that the smart thing to do is be discreet with your information, and not leave too heavy a footprint. Treading lightly should make it at least a wee bit tougher for hackers.

Once upon a time, when I used to drive more often than I now do, I would need fuel, duh. But at fuel stations, I usually couldn't be bothered to walk over to the card machine - this was (in) Delhi, maybe five years ago - so I used to just sit in the car and yell out my debit card pin number to a bunch of attendants (bhaiyya-jis), who knew me, and wouldn't ever, I was sure, do anything malicious like sell my information to some third-party clowns. ...Read More in Khaleej Times


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