Our customer, marketing and business insights will deliver more personalised customer experiences, devoted customers and profitable growth.


Acquire new customers. Develop a more intimate picture of those you already have. Optimise or monetise your current data sources. Harness the potential of big data or predictive modelling. And complement all of these with external data sources that will give you more meaningful insights and customer analytics.

Whatever your challenge, we’ll propose the right data strategy for your business.

We’re experts at working with structured and unstructured data sets, combining social, mobile, digital and transaction data to arrive at the right solution.

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Our solutions integrate multiple data sources from across your business, empowering your teams with all the tools they need for effective campaign management, data mining and reporting.

From cleansing and hosting large centralised databases to managing big data, we’ll maximise the value of your data. And use intelligence to make business decisions and targeted communications to make your customers feel valued.

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Our business intelligence solutions improve your customer insights, marketing effectiveness and business growth. Combining our specialist expertise with industry-leading statistical and modelling software, we’ll create analytical insights and models that equip you to react swiftly to meet evolving customer needs.

We get to the heart of how your customers behave and their value to your business. And advise you on the strategies that will keep them engaged, devoted and maximise their lifetime value.

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Our reports provide you with critical business intelligence, including the visualisation of key metrics in easy-to-understand and interactive formats. They’re as bespoke as your business, with commercial indicators that can be broken down by industry, geography, customer segment, channel, profitability, time period and much more.

From market-leading reporting software to Excel-delivered dashboards, we design and configure regular reporting suites that highlight potential risks and business opportunities. The outputs can be accessed in real-time, enabling your teams to continually analyse results, extending your marketing and commercial success.

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