Create rewarding and profitable customer relationships using our platforms and solutions to allow customers to engage, earn and spend points how they want to.


The right loyalty platform opens up a world of exciting possibilities. Capture, reward and engage your customers. Store their transaction and interaction data and reward them with points. Get rich insights to inspire triggered communication and personalised promotional campaigns so they buy more and spend more.

Our extensive knowledge of loyalty management systems and customer loyalty programme's means you can be confident of encouraging profitable behaviours, advocacy and collaboration amongst your customers - both today and tomorrow.

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The platform you need depends on the ambitions for your business. With our experience in auditing your current systems, mapping connection points and determining new requirements, we’ll understand how you can supplement what you have and find the right solution for you.

Our own proprietary platforms are designed to integrate into your existing systems. And our technical loyalty specialists can handle even the most complex data migrations, so you can be assured of a seamless experience for you and your customers.

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Complement your existing loyalty programme by giving your members more ways to earn and redeem points online – and in a way that is fast to implement with what you have. With a network of thousands of partners, your customers will be matched with relevant brands, making them feel more valued by you.

With our innovative commercial models, your business benefits from incremental revenue while reducing its overall points liability. And all the while, putting your customers in control and making them more active and loyal.

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In an age where customers expect access to everything on the move, our loyalty member app acts as their digital membership card. They can see their points, search for nearby stores – even enjoy branded content.

We develop apps that go beyond traditional loyalty functionality – giving customers more ways to interact on mobile. And making it easier for them to be your biggest influencers and advocates on social media.

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We provide comprehensive hosting and support. And while our solutions are resilient and robust, you’ll have the extra peace of mind of knowing back-up and contingency plans are always in place.

Our technical expertise will minimise any interruptions to your customer's experience or impact to your business. What’s more, we pride ourselves on being proactive and responsive to all customer and client needs.

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