What we do

Turning customers into advocates and relationships into profit

We give your customers compelling reasons to engage, spend more and become loyal advocates - whilst delivering commercial results for your business.

What is Customer Devotion?

Creating devotion together

Let’s give customers reasons to be devoted.

Let’s make them feel like a somebody, not just an anybody.

Let’s turn their data into a personal portrait, reflecting their individual rational and emotional needs. Let’s build a relationship on this understanding, giving them a personalised experience, where every interaction engages, builds and excites.

Let’s inspire them to buy, to spend more – and to become advocates among family, friends and business colleagues.

Let’s commit to using new insights that create loyalty and deliver business results.

For over 25 years, ICLP has helped clients on the journey from acquiring customers to transforming them into advocates. It’s our dedication to driving customer devotion that makes us different.

Throughout the journey

From browsing to buying. From reviewing to recommending. Every customer journey is made up of a series of steps, experiences and changes in behaviour.

Whether you want to map out a complete journey for your customers from acquisition through to devotion. Or just encourage those at one stage to move to the next, we can help.

From understanding what a customer thinks today to how they want to feel tomorrow, we take your customer relationships to the next level.

Devoted to results

At ICLP, we believe the more customers feel valued, the more valuable they become to a business.

Creating engagement and personalised customer experiences drive devotion where customers commit to buy more, spend more and tell more of their friends and colleagues.

We translate our expertise into results for our clients. We turn customers into advocates and relationships into profit. But don’t take our word for it. See how driving customer devotion has already delivered commercial success for our clients.

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